·      Automotive ind. : Machines, Facilities, Conveyors & EMS, Molds, Parts and Spare parts for OEM and After market. Automation & Robotic system, Polyurethane (PU).

·      White goods & home appliances Ind.: Machines, Facilities, Conveyors, Parts and Spare parts for OEM and After market.

·      Paint Shop: Industrial paint line (Wet coating, Powder coating, Electrophorese – CED) from A-Z. Conveyor, Spray booths, on skid CED accessories systems (UF, Anolyte, paint Circulation, paint filtration, Anode cells, Eductors, CED Rectifier).

·      Dairy, Food & Pharma Ind.: Machines, Facilities, spare parts, food’s RAW material and additives, Full production lines, Filing and packing, Air filtration and Hygienic Air handling units and Dust extraction filters systems (Sinter lamella) for powder production process.

·      Cement and Gibs Ind.: Machines, Facilities, Mechanical spare parts, Bearings, All type of lubricants (oil, additives, grease), Belt, Bush & Pulley, Jet spray dust dumping machines, Dust collection filters and systems (Sinter lamella).

·      Paint Manufacturers: RAW material, Additives, Water-base and Solvent-base resins, Tio2, pigments.

·      Steel Ind. : Graphite electrodes, High pressure Nozzles, Furnace and machines.

·      All types of pumps, Spray Nozzles, Eductors, Filters, electrical equipment, Robots, Shot blasting machines, Lazer treatment, Lazer cutting, Metal working machines, etc.

·      All kind of chemicals and polymers, PU coating and Polyurea

We are well flexible in the market for any kinds of industrial inquiries and you could contact us for any even expect the above subjects at any time.